Timber Products

Pallet boards

Pallet boards are used for making various pallets, as well as for the production of other types of timber material goods. Wood is easy to process further and it is resistant to harmful effects of the surrounding environment. Depending on the client’s needs, we offer pallet boards made of various coniferous (pine, spruce) and deciduous (alder, birch, aspen) trees. Planks of first, second, and third grade are available. Before shipping, each cargo load is subjected to careful quality control and inspection.

We ensure timely, fast, and high-quality product delivery across the European Union. Currently, most of our products are exported to Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Italy.

FSC® Certificate (license code FSC-C144642)

  • Standard product - Pallet boards

Width:from 30 to 250 mm

Length:from 400 to 6000 mm

Thickness:from 13 to 250 mm


The offer includes standard-sized boards, as well as a combination of boards of any other size, depending on demand. The offer includes freshly sawn boards and boards treated with Sinesto B antiseptic to protect the wood from rotting.

Pallet boards are set up on standard pallets or packed according to the client’s specifications.